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Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei)

The Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei), the seat of Hitler and his government.


Stasi Photos from 1972

In 1972 the East German government sent in a Stasi team in to the Führerbunker to check for any tunnels that might lead to West Berlin, there were none.
They did of course take some photographs that were discovered in the Stasi archives after unification.


Photos by Robert Conrad

In 1986, the East German government made plans to erect a large apartment complex on the corner of Vossstrasse and Otto Grotewohl Strasse, now known as Wilhelmstrasse. In order for those Socialist blocks to go up, concrete from a darker past had to be demolished first.

The ground under the construction site turned out to contain not only Adolf Hitler’s former bunker, but also the remains of an air raid shelter used by the Neue Reichskanzlei, or New Reich Chancellery, and the foreign ministry. Starting in 1987, Robert Conrad risked his freedom to secretly photograph this historic site before it was lost for ever.


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