There are many sites advertising IPTV services for a price. There are however ways to watch streaming channels for free, though it may involve a bit of searching for working links and installing some free software on your computer (VLC Player) or purchasing an Android TV box.

Of course, a TV app such as Smart IPTV or dedicated TV box connected to your TV is going to be a far better option than always having to use your computer.
There are many devices available on the market, though an Android TV box is probably the best option for watching IPTV for free, there are many free TV apps available and Kodi. Those wanting to use Apple should note that not all apps will allow you to use Airplay through an Apple TV.

There is also an app called Smart IPTV available on LG and Samsung Smart TVs, it is not free and all streams will have to be added by the viewer.
Another app Simple Smart IPTV is also available on LG TVs.