Video & Audio Tests

This is the Video & Audio Test page at Britlink.

Video Test Patterns
FULL HD PM5644 test pattern – 1920 x 1080 60p – 1 Hour with 1Khz sound. 4K Test pattern UHD 2160p – 30 min. Test Card Calibration Video. HD Home Theater Tune-Up, fix your HD Televisions or Projectors. Easylife Test Card Audio Video Sync 16:9 10 min Ver2 1080 30FPS.

Channel Tests
North Korean TV NO Channel Embedded External Player Embedded External Player

Audio Tests
AUDIOPHILE – Sound Test Fullrange +12db lowpass +12db highpass Bass & Treble. Test sound 2.1 ULTIMATE 5D SOUND EXPERIENCE – please wear headphones.

Radio Stream Tests

Rai Radio Uno DR P3 Denmark (128 kbps) BBC Radio 1  (128 kbps) BBC World Service (96 kbps AAC)


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