Scrub Island

Scrub Island lying off the eastern tip of Anguilla covers an area of about three square miles (8 km²). It is most easily reached by hired boat and features two excellent beaches, including the rarely visited Deadman’s Cay. Privately owned, the remains of an abandoned air field still exist. Whales are commonly seen west of Scrub, along the southern coastline.

There are several abandoned houses on the island, mainly due to damage from hurricanes. This island has no electricity or plumbing. In efforts to preserve the aquatic habitat of the shrimp, scrub specialist Dr. Nick Paoletti is studying the environmental factors leading to the habitat’s deterioration.
Scrub Island is largely owned by the Hodge family of Anguilla. Reportedly the island has been for sale from time to time for US$60 million, though the family is now interested in joint-venture luxury tourism development.

On the leeward side of the island is a beautiful white sand beach which usually has calm waters. It is the only one in Anguilla that faces completely away from prevailing winds and seas.
The interior of Scrub consists of rolling low hills.
Scrub Islands only inhabitants are wild goats which have an abundance of food during rainy season, during the dry season the Goats obtain water by eating the pear cacti found on the island.


Exploring Scrub Island

Visitors to Scrub Island should remember that the island is private property, except for the beach which is like all others in Anguilla public. Any queries should be addressed to Olive Hodge or any member of the family at the Anguilla Drug Store, telephone: 264-497-2738.
Remember to wear good walking shoes, bring food and water to drink. Take all refuse with you when you leave.

Souse Bay is quite exposed, facing directly out to the Atlantic Ocean. It does not have the thick, impenetrable foliage behind it because the salt spray keeps plant life in check. The waves are wilder and there is sea debris washed up on the Beach.
Inland from Souse Bay about 100 yards to the north is the wreckage of an airplane, and an abandoned airstrip that is longer than the airport on Anguilla.
The airstrip has been rendered unusable by short rock walls every 100 yards.
The airstrip is long and wide, paved in gravel.

Downhill from the end of the runway is a large bay, round, and about 1/2 mile across. There is a road leading off from the right edge of the air strip, which goes around a dried up pond.
South of Mysterious Lagoon is an abandoned resort complex, at the rear of the abandoned resort, is some of the resort’s mechanical equipment.