St. George’s Island

St. Georges Island – Click to enlarge

St. George’s Island is one of the main islands of the territory of Bermuda. It lies in the northeast of the territory. It is divided between the town of St. George’s and St. George’s Parish.
The island covers 703 acres (2.8 square kilometres), and is one of the six principal islands of Bermuda.

Originally called King’s Island, this was the first part of Bermuda to be extensively colonised, and the town of St. George’s contains many of the territory’s oldest buildings. Notable among these are St. Peter’s Church, and the State House, and many forts, including Gate’s Fort. Fort St. Catherine, close to the island’s (and Bermuda’s) northernmost point, is a 19th Century construction built upon a 17th Century base.

The island is separated from the nearby St. David’s Island by St. George’s Harbour in the north, and by a channel known as Ferry Reach in the south.
Bridges and a causeway connect it with the main island to the south via St. David’s Island.