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The Falkland’s War
British Empire: The Falklands War
In many ways, this was the last example of old-style gunboat diplomacy and certainly the last imperial war.
Chronicle of the Falkland Islands
History & the Falklands War of 1982
Falklands War, 1982
Frequently Asked Questions. What was the war about? Were there any other issues? When was the war fought?
National Army Museum
In April 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. The subsequent British response tested the armed forces to their limits before victory was secured.
Major Phil Neame’s Personal Account of the Falklands War
Major Phil Neame’s Personal Account of the Falklands War. An extract from the book ‘Above All Courage’ by Max Arthur.
Operation Corporate – Falklands War
Articles and information about operation Corporate – Falklands War.
RAF – The Falkland Islands Campaign
The Falklands Conflict (2 April to 14 June 1982), was a unique period in the history of Britain and Argentina. Although war was never formally declared, the brief conflict saw nearly 1,000 lives lost and many more wounded. Described in such diverse terms as an ‘outdated neo-colonial adventure’, a ‘fight for freedom and democracy’ and a ‘moment of national greatness’, in some ways the conflict belonged more to the 19th than the 20th century.
SS Atlantic Conveyor
In April 1982, through astonishing feats of ingenuity by dockyard workers and crew alike, the civilian Steam Ship Atlantic Conveyor was converted from a tired ocean going container ship into a vessel capable of launching Harrier vertical take off jet fighters and heavy lift helicopters.
The Falklands Campaign – the Chilean connection
Since the end of the Falklands War in 1982 there has been considerable speculation about the support and facilities provided by Chile to the UK. The recent publication of ‘The Official History of the Falklands Campaign’ by Sir Lawrence Freedman has at last shed fresh light of what actually happened.
The Falkland Islands Conflict 1982
These pages are not only a resource of information (containing contributions from people from all round the world, many of whom were actually involved) but also a tribute to those who served in the forces of both sides during the conflict.
What if Thatcher had lost the Falklands war?
Protestors against the Falklands war didn’t want to see Thatcher succeed. What if they had gotten their way?

British Charities
Excalibur Unit / Supporting Our Heroes
Funds are raised through donations, events and merchandise, There is no government funding and we rely totally on the generosity of our supporters.
We aim to provide practical, emotional and financial support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present, and their families. We aim to improve their lives and safeguard the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces. Whether it’s families coping with the loss of a loved one, help at home to adapt to independent living, recovery centres for injured personnel, careers advice or residential care: we are here to help.
Mental ill-health affects ex-Service men and women of all ages, We’re a vital lifeline for these men and women, and their families. The charity is currently helping over 30 charities and organisations and many individuals all over the u.k Excalibur Unit Was established in 2008.
The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF)
The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF) was the first UK based charity for Falklands Veterans and their immediate families and is committed to providing a network of support and direction for those in need.
The FVF works in partnership with all other Service Charities and organisations providing assistance for Falklands Veterans and their families.
The FVF is available to point you in the right direction whether it is financial or to assist with any difficulties you are encountering.
The South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA 82)
The South Atlantic Medal (1982) is the official name of the medal awarded to almost 30,000 service men and women – and civilians – who took part in the campaign to liberate the Falkland Islands in 1982.

Argentine Sites – in Spanish
El conflicto de las Malvinas
Timeline of the conflict.
El Malvinense
Argentine site with news and information on the islands.
Fundación Veteranos de Guerra de Malvinas (Foundation of War Veterans of the Malvinas)
The Foundation of War Veterans of the Malvinas Islands is a national nonprofit organization based in the city of Córdoba. Founded in 2002 by a group of ex-combatants.
La Guerra de Malvinas
Site in Spanish on the conflict.
La guerra de Malvinas en imágenes
The war in images, many excellent photos from the conflict.
Pensar Malvinas (Think Malvinas)
The historical, geographical and diplomatic arguments referring to Argentine sovereignty over the islands.
In addition, the views of this story in different regions of the country, the families of the soldiers who fought 30 years ago in the experiences and memories of Argentines. Documentaries and fictional stories segments give form to this series narrated by Teresa Parodi.