Train Sim World

Train Sim World (abbreviated to TSW) is a train simulation game developed by Dovetail Games. It was released on 24 July 2018. For the first time, Train Sim World allows players to walk around the game world in first-person mode. This mode is utilised in tutorials, scenarios and services where the first-person mode is required to complete tasks such as refuelling or changing switches.


Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul
During beta release, the game was originally called Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, which consisted of one playable route, Sand Patch Grade, based in the United States.

Founders Edition
The second version was Founders Edition, which was available on Xbox One, containing Great Western Express.

Train Sim World
The third version, simply Train Sim World, was available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, featuring three routes: Great Western Express, Rapid Transit, and Northeast Corridor: New York, as well as Sand Patch Grade for the PC version only.

Train Sim World 2020
The current version, Train Sim World 2020, is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, featuring four routes: Great Western Express, Long Island Rail Road (Penn Station to Hicksville station), Main-Spessart Bahn (Aschaffenburg to Gemünden), and Northern TransPennine (Manchester Victoria-to-Leeds route add-on), as well as Sand Patch Grade for PC only. The 2020 edition featured a digital deluxe edition containing a bonus route containing Caltrain’s Peninsula Corridor (San Francisco 4th and King-to-San Jose Diridon route add-on).

On 12 December 2019, Dovetail released an East Coastway line add-on. In addition to the Brighton to Eastbourne route, there is a branch route between Lewes and Seaford. The release includes the BR Class 377/4.

Train Sim World 2
The fourth version, Train Sim World 2, was announced on 9 June 2020, with a planned release date of 6 August 2020. The announcement promoted new features such as a livery editor and a scenario manager. Its release is planned to come with two new routes and locos: the ICE 3, supposedly with a German high-speed route, and the London Underground 1972 Stock, with the Bakerloo line. The game also comes with Sand Patch Grade route, claiming to have been heavily updated for PC and now also available on the confirmed console operating systems PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game is to be shipped with a feature called “Preserved Collection”, which ultimately allows players to import Train Sim World 2020 DLC into Train Sim World 2, but backwards compatibility will not be possible. It is also confirmed that all futureTrain Sim World DLC will be TSW2-only compatible.

Dovetail Games are branding it a “completely new game”, despite backlash from social media users, and plan to reveal a “release roadmap” one week prior to the launch.


Editing Tools

Train Sim World is confirmed to in the future have editing tools. In a September 2018 studio update, it was revealed that the tools, based on the Unreal Engine 4 editing tools, will be the same as that used by Dovetail Games to create content, allowing users to create routes, locomotives, wagons, coaches, scenarios and services.
However, it will not be possible to edit existing routes released by Dovetail Games, at launch. It is planned for an open beta of the editing tools to be released. Dovetail Games also plans on creating a series of video tutorials for the editing tools.

However, during a Train Sim World 2 Q&A Livestream held on 11 June, it was confirmed that a public world-editor was NOT being worked on for the game at present, and that we should expect this status to remain indefinitely.

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