UDP becomes CDP

Bernie-Bush_BFThe United Democratic Party has been renamed as The Cayman Islands Democratic Party (CDP). In a press statement issued on Wednesday this week, the party announced that the CDP has been registered under the Elections Law (2013 revision) as a political party.
“It will replace the current United Democratic Party and will be so ratified by a party conference, scheduled to take place in early 2014.

The Honorable McKeeva Bush is the Leader of the CDP and Leader of the Opposition, and Mr Bernie Bush is Deputy Leader of the CDP and Deputy Leader of the Opposition. Chairman of the CDP is Ms Tessa Bodden, and Deputy Chairmen are Mr Renard Moxam and Dr Joe Marzouca,” the release stated.

CDP Chairman Tessa Bodden said the new constitution and amended name were viewed as necessary by the party’s General Council, in response to overwhelming public encouragement to modernise and move forward.

Mr Bushsaid he welcomed the opportunity for the party to continue the process of growing and addressing the needs of the people of the Cayman Islands.

“The wellbeing of the Caymanian people has always been our main focus, and now more than ever it is necessary for us as the opposition party to ensure that all the people of our islands are represented in a fair and equitable manner,” Mr Bush said.

In a separate email, Mr Bush said that the party colours and symbols would remain the same, despite the name change.
Mr Bush said that there was no pomp and ceremony expected of the new party “and so will not spend money popularising the new name or branding CDP.”

However, he said that there would be a road show to promote the new name close to the conference slated for next year.