Links to overseas territories around the globe. For the British Overseas Terriories see: B.O.T. Links

Caribbean Netherlands (Netherlands)

Départements et régions d’outre-mer (France)
Clipperton Attol (National Geographic)
On one of the most remote tropical islands on Earth, a million ravenous crabs share a thin ring of dry land with tens of thousands of birds, 2,000 invasive rats, the rusting remains of a guano industry, and the occasional adventurous visitor.
Clipperton Island
2000 DXpedition to Clipperton Island, March 1, 2000 through March 8, 2000.
Minor French Dependencies
List of minor French overseas dependencies.
New Caledonia Travel Specialist
This website is designed to help you increase your knowledge of the destination and ultimately help you give the best advise to your clients and make their dream holidays come true. You will find inspiring itineraries ideas, a toolkit section, a list of wholesalers that sell New Caledonia but more importantly you can become a ‘New Cal Specialist’ today with our E-learning programme and be a destination expert!
Pacific Elders back New Caledonia’s call to defer independence referendum
Citing a spike in coronavirus-related deaths, the Pacific Elders’ Voice urged French President Emmanuel Macron to defer New Caledonia’s third independence referendum currently scheduled for Dec. 12.

Plazas de soberanía (Spain)
Inside Story of Morocco and Spain’s Battle For Uninhabited Island, 15 Years Later
Spanish insider accounts of the Leila Island (Perejil Island) military conflict between Morocco and Spain have emerged, shedding light on the bloodless crisis, 15 years after it happened.
Los islotes de España frente a Marruecos custodiados por el Ejército (Islets of Spain  off the coast of Morocco guarded by the Army)
Three Spanish territories guarded by the military on the African coast close to Morocco: the Alhucemas Rock, the Vélez rock and the Chafarinas Islands. Places that for security reasons are almost impossible to visit.
Tres territorios españoles custodiados por militares en la costa africana y frente a Marruecos: el peñón de Alhucemas, el peñón de Vélez y las islas Chafarinas. Lugares que por razones de seguridad son cuasi imposibles de visitar.
The heavy-lifting ‘mule women’ of Melilla
They are known as the mule women of Melilla. Everyday they carry heavy loads across the border between the Spanish enclave and Morocco.
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